Blue Beetle

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What is art? Art is something inspiring and raising people's thinking.
And what is the artwork? Artwork is something that an artist has breathed life into it giving them a soul and character. It's unique and can not be copied.

Adhering to this, we have made every single piece of works in our studio.

It's not only about showing at home and but also appreciating. Because only by this, can it bring you happiness and enjoyment.

I combined the natural dead but treated&sterilized beetle specimen with some mechanical parts like gears, clockwork pieces, bearings, springs, electronic components, LED, tubes, wires, and 3D-printing parts, etc. to make an original designed new creature: MechBeetle.Every MechBeetle is handmade by me and everyone is different.

It is mounted into a black shadow-box frame made of solid wood. This shadow box is thick enough to stand on its own on a shelf for display, but it also has hangers on the back to display it hung on a wall.

The box measures roughly 12 x 8 x 8 cm.

If you like it, you may preorder it and it will take me 1-3 days to make it for you. You may also come to my Instagram or Facebook to find more works. Thanks for your likes and supports.

Brown Crab
Species: Crap
Origin: Thailand

Steampunk Robots Aesthetic Art. Perfect for any Steampunk-themed decor!
This piece was created by Eli Yoo.

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