Blue Beetle Australia

Phalacrognathus muelleri (Rainbow Stag Beetle, King Stag Beetle)


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Rainbow Stag Beetles are one of the world's most breathtaking beetles. With their metallic sheen, vibrant colours, and the male's gigantic jaws, they are indeed an incredible sight. The enormous jaws are utilized by rival males to battle for the chance to mate.

This species is found in the rainforests of north Queensland and, while not considered rare, is certainly not easily found. Adults are most typically seen when they fly to lights at night.

While the adults can live as long as a year and a half, a significant part of the life of this species is spent as larvae inside the wood of a fallen tree. The larvae (grubs) go through three stages before they mature into adult beetles. During the larval stage, they feed on decaying wood, while as adults, their diet changes to sugar-based foods, including fruits.

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