Blue Beetle

Mechanical Mutant Steampunk Sculpture Metal Dunkleosteus Terrelli Antique Red Fish Handmade Table Desk Decor Ornament Robots Aesthetic Art

I'm challenging myself to make this as a modeling artist that produces three-dimensional works that were inspired by the creatures.

Imagine a world in which animal adaptations are mechanical in nature. My own evolution occurring at that time in the elaborate and new creatures I concoct.

I want to create life from objects, such as insects, fish, and animals sometimes in my imagination. To create the body, I use paper clay, wires, and machine parts. After painting with lacquer paint, decorate with metal and electric parts such as bolts, nuts, and so on.

Our life is getting more convenient with technological advances. On the other hand, so much material is wasted. If lifeforms evolve like machines, they might be called ‘Mechanical Mutants’.

Model weight:1000g
Model size: 30X15X40cm

MULTIPLE PURPOSES: Steampunk Robots Aesthetic Art. An ideal choice for birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts, or other special occasions. Meanwhile, it's a great choice for decorations or ornaments in the living room, bedroom, coffee house, etc. Perfect for any Steampunk-themed decor!

If you like it, you may preorder it and it will take me 1-2 weeks to make it for you. You may also come to my Instagram or Facebook to find more works. Thanks for your likes and supports.

Please research your country's customs regulations before purchasing. We are not responsible for any additional charges/fees that may occur during shipment through customs. If the item does not make it through customs we will refund your purchase cost only if the item is returned to us (this can take weeks). We are also not responsible if the customs office confiscates the package, please know your country's regulations on importing deceased biological materials and taxidermy. Please message us with any questions or concerns.

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