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Dagger-toothed Long-nosed Fruit Bat (Macroglossus minimus bat)

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SPECIES Macroglossus minimus

ORIGIN Australasia

FRAME 21.5x29.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION AKA Dagger-toothed Long-nosed Fruit Bat. This orange headed bat has a wingspan of 20-21cms and can be found in Northern Australia. It is found in both primary and secondary tropical moist forest, it has also been reported from paperbark woodlands, mangroves, swamp forest, plantations, rural gardens and urban areas. It usually roosts as single animals, or in small groups, under large leaves (such as palm fronds), under branches and loose bark, in bamboo or in abandoned buildings. The females give birth to a single young three times per year. Wild populations are numerous and this bat is a common widespread species.

Non threatened species.

Please note all bats may slightly vary in colouration than image shown.

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