Blue Beetle Australia

Professional Beetle Reptile Turtle Snake Lizard Incubator


Key Figures:

True Constant Temperature Control

Very Low Power Consumption

Pest Free ( 3mm Filter built-in)

Prevent your pet to escape

2 Years Warranty

Each one need to be custom built, normally takes about 4-6 weeks to receive it


α-1 - 330L

Power Consumption: 200w(Heating), 100w(Cooling)

Temperature Control Range: 5-35°C

Dimension: 60x59x190cm (Outer), 51.7x43.8x147cm(Inner)

Weight: 105kg


α-1 - 730L

Power Consumption: 200w(Heating), 200w(Cooling)

Temperature Control Range: 5-35°C

Dimension: 120x60x190cm (Outer), 115x43.5x147cm(Inner)

Weight: 175kg

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