Premium Secondary Fermented Flake Soil Sawdust Beetle Substrate Beetle Breeding VINOX-U 5L

What is Secondary Fermented Sawdust Beetle Substrate?

Secondary Fermented Sawdust Beetle Substrate is a fermented product that uses microbial system to degrade lignin that beetles cannot digest in raw sawdust and finally can be used as beetle food.

VINOX-U Secondary Fermented Sawdust Beetle Substrate is a highly fermented beetle food independently developed by MuYe.

What is suitable for Secondary Fermented Sawdust Beetle Substrate?

The degree of decay of Uygur deep fermented sawdust is high, which is suitable for feeding and breeding saprophagous larvae and adult reproduction of Allomyrina, Xylotrupes, Euchiridae, Lucanus and Odontolabis.

What are the characteristics of sawdust particles?

All the fermented sawdust particles of MuYe are coarse, because we are guided by scientific formula and balanced nutrition. If the sawdust particles are too fine, they are not resistant to decay. Fermented sawdust is a fermented product, which looks stiff when dried, becomes soft and elastic after adding water, and is as strong but breathable as fine sawdust after pressurization, and larva will eat more happily.

MuYe always breeds tens of thousands of beetles, and will definitely choose suitable raw materials, so coarse particles will not affect adult reproduction and larval feeding at all.


  1. Pour a pack of 5L dry sawdust into a container, add 1.6 ~ 1.7 kg of water, and stir evenly. The particles are coarse, so it will appear wet just after adding water and absorbing water slowly, so it is advisable to judge the water content after standing for half a day. (The water content of sawdust suitable for breeding most beetles is 55 ~ 60%, and fine-tuning is made according to specific varieties)
  2. How to test: It is advisable to hold the sawdust tightly with your hands without dripping water and let go to form a ball. (The best effect is to stand for more than 7 days before reuse. During that 7 days, it is better to add a layer of newspaper or non-woven fabric between the lid and the container to prevent pest from invading)
  3. Compact 80%-90% of the container with the sawdust after the rest
  4. Dig a hole in the center of the sawdust, put the larva in, and then fill with some uncompacted sawdust till 100% full
  5. Finally, the container can be placed in a place where the temperature is constant and direct sunlight is avoided

More to Read

  1. It is normal for dry sawdust to have sudden heat after adding water. The solution is to strengthen air circulation and reduce the stack. The main reason is that dried sawdust and water activate microbial proliferation, and strong respiration leads to heat production. Therefore, it is advisable to stir well one week in advance and add beetles after sawdust emits sweet taste.
  2. When changing food, it is recommended to leave half of the original soil above the container and the new soil below, so that the beetles can make a smooth transition. On the second day after changing food, check whether the larvae cling to the surface of the lid and do not drill down. If there is a phenomenon of not drilling, you can tear off the breathable tape to increase air circulation (take measures to prevent beetles from escaping). If the situation has not improved, please contact us as soon as possible.
  3. The sawdust must not be mixed and stirred with new and old sawdust or other sawdust (it is possible to only layer up and down without stirring). This is easy to cause secondary fermentation leading to beetle hypoxia or beetle ammonia poisoning. If it must be mixed and stirred before use, it must be allowed to stand for a long time (recommended for one month, and often replenish water and stir) to ensure that the sawdust does not heat up and can only be used by beetles after it emits sweet taste.
  4. Fermented sawdust is a fermented product. It is very normal for white fungi to appear during use. As long as there are not too many, there is no need to treat them. If you encounter colonies such as yellow and green, you can take them out and throw them away.
  5. Before leaving the factory, we experienced exposure or 72 hours of freezing to completely kill pest in sawdust, so Simulium mainly rely on prevention during later use. The best way is to sandwich a layer of non-woven fabric between the box and the lid. The prevention of dry mites is to pay attention to whether the original sawdust is clean when changing food. If there are mites, the old soil must be frozen and reused to avoid cross infection.

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