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Brown Stag Beetle Mottled Stage Beetle(Ryssonotus nebulosus)Grub Kit

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3 x Grubs within 1 container (1.4L)

Each container holds 3 grubs selected at random (gender cannot be chosen, sorry). The substrate provided in each container is sufficient to sustain all grubs until they reach the adult stage.

The containers are specially designed to accommodate beetle grubs, featuring openings on both sides and vents with filters to allow airflow while preventing pests from entering.

* This listing is exclusively for grubs; the images depict the appearance of the adult beetle.

About Ryssonotus nebulosus:


Coastal QLD, NSW and VIC. It has also been introduced into New Zealand and is established in the Gisborne and Auckland regions.


Males 22-33 mm

Females 21-29 mm

This species is easily identifiable by its dull black dorsal surface with reddish brown, greyish, or light brown markings, which may not be clear in specimens with fatty exudates. Sexual dimorphism is distinct, with males having long mandibles with dense golden setae and a prominent outer tooth, while females have shorter mandibles with fewer setae and no strong outer tooth.

Found in various forests, especially in riparian areas or moist forests, it prefers decaying timber affected by fungi. While it's not highly host-specific, the type of fungal decay determines egg-laying suitability. Commonly encountered in Eucalyptus, Casuarina, and Allocasuarina timber, it also utilizes introduced species like weeping willow and privet. The life cycle lasts about a year and is easily bred in captivity. Adults are attracted to UV light and can be collected from November to February.


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